How to Volunteer
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Are you wondering how you can help with NACA or within the neighborhood? There are SO many things that you can do! Please let us know if you need any further information in regard to this list, or if you have something to add.

Look at the list though! See how much we do? Thank you all for participating in the neighborhood to make this community a great place to live. Also, reminder to pay your dues!

  • Attend monthly NACA meetings, suggest membership project ideas, and suggest presentations ideas for monthly meetings. Help organize monthly meetings by reaching out to presenters on relevant community issues.
  • Write monthly newsletter summary of next meeting. Create agenda for monthly meeting.
  • Volunteer to place a NACA meeting yard sign in your yard once a month, on the Sunday before the meeting.
  • Join the Contact Team. Participate in park adoption team for Quail Creek Park, Cook School Park, or Wooldridge School Park. This could include park cleanups, beautification projects, or leading grant applications. Update the neighborhood plan to keep it updated, and communicate infrastructure updates needed to the City Austin.
  • Apply for neighborhood grants for any other neighborhood projects through the City of Austin or other organization.
  • Support and suggest projects for UT Project Day in February 2017. This is a day where hundreds of volunteers from the community, UT and Home Depot work on projects needed in the neighborhood. We need project ideas and leaders.
  • Contribute relevant articles for the monthly newsletter that is mailed to members and posted on the NACA site as well as Facebook.
  • Volunteer as an editor of the NACA monthly newsletter.
  • Volunteer as a content manager or web developer for WordPress.
  • Volunteer as a social media manager Facebook.
  • Join the Membership Committee. We are always working on getting new members. You can understand why when population of 30,000 residents within the NACA planning area, and only 200 members. Deliver fliers to homes in your area during our annual spring membership drive. Help translate fliers into Spanish. Make brief presentations about NACA to school PTAs. Help plan a business membership drive. Attend a membership committee meeting (meets for an hour periodically) to share ideas about how to reach more people. Bring membership fliers with you when you attend local events. Talk to your neighbors about joining NACA.
  • Support our local schools by attending their events, inviting their students and staff to attend our events, collaborate on community projects, volunteer to mentor, etc.
  • Participate in Street Cleanups. The neighborhood association holds a street cleanup on the second Saturday of most months. Please see the street cleanup schedule.
  • Beautify our Neighborhood Parks. This is not just on It’s My Park Day (first Saturday in March every year), but also regular gardening, weeding, trash pick-up and more!
  • Participate in and/or support local community gardens at Lanier High School and the Rundberg YMCA.
  • Participate in the NXNA Garden & Art Tour to promote the arts and landscape of North Austin.
  • Coordinate team to investigate funding opportunities for Walnut Creek Library.
  • Partner with a local church or organization that assists low-income households.
  • Partner with the Settlement Home to help children in their foster home.
  • Address problems that are reported to the board: cars parking on lawn, trash strewn across the lawn, bad landlords, and criminal hotspots such as gambling or drug dealing. This may mean contacting the property owner or property manager, 311, or our district representative police officer. We have an informative flier to cars parked on the lawn so that we let residents know that there is an ordinance against parking on the lawn.
  • Encourage local businesses to sign criminal trespass authorization forms in order to prevent drinking and loitering on private property.
  • Volunteer to hold a Battery Oil Paint and Antifreeze collection once or twice a year, and bring the items to Austin Resource Recovery.
  • Become a Precinct Chair. Volunteer as a precinct chair if position is unfilled.
  • Become a volunteer Voter Registrar and set up a voter registration table at local events.