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Precinct Map

Precinct Map

Precinct chairmen for precincts in the NACA area

What is a Precinct Chair?
The lowest level of elected office, Precinct Chairs represent their home precinct on the Executive Committee of their party.

What is the CEC?
The Executive Committee is the governing body of the Party and conducts all official party business.

How do you get to be a Precinct Chair?
See Party rules for becoming a Precinct Chair.

What do Precinct Chairs do?
In addition to serving as voting member of the Executive Committee, Precinct Chairs are the contact person for the party in their neighborhood. Some organize “block walks” in their area (go door to door) to distribute campaign materials or encourage their neighbors to vote in upcoming elections. They are often staffed at their local polling place on election day.

PrecinctDemocrat Precinct ChairmanRepublican Precinct Chairman
217Marshall Mitchell
[email protected]
222Margarette Kaylor
[email protected]
Donna Harp
[email protected]
223Caro DuboisVacant
260Brandon Starratt
[email protected]